Visual Rhetoric-Rewrite

0:00-0:01 Ad opens on a porcelain tea-kettle in the shape of a cat’s head, mostly white but with blue on the outside of the head, brush strokes made to look like hair and small blue flowers on the spout and top of the kettle. The cat’s eyes have been given a more human look, seemingly looking up at its’s holder as if to say my contents are good. It has a small, round pink nose and thin pink lips. The cat is being held buy well manicured hands, the holder must have just left the nail salon. The background is distorted as to not distract us from the kettle cat.  But you can make out a possible shelf with other small items. The overall image is bright and clean.

0:01-0:02 Screen shot transitions abruptly and you see a well-dressed black woman in a light pink leather jacket and blue jeans carrying a brown hand bag with a long strap going to her knees. She is holding the cat tee kettle and looking at it with a certain look that says, “I like this but do I like it enough to buy it.” Now you can see the store and it is still a bright and clean shot, good lighting, there are rows of clothes behind the woman, the row closest to the foreground is of what looks like men’s pants, but not a typical row of men’s pants as the colors and style vary greatly, possibly a thrift store?–xQgOBBU 

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