Visual Rewrite – CarsonWentz11


0.00 – 0.01 – A blue minivan that is very damaged, with lots of dents, a broken mirror, broken lights, and a tree branch out the rear window, is pulling into a driveway.  A middle-aged women is watering a dead plant next to the driveway.  The driveway leads to a brown, one-storied house.  The house looks like an average income house.  There are a couple trees behind the house and one in front, with no leaves on them, meaning it is around winter time. The sun is also out in this frame, meaning it is daytime.  The front yard is surrounded by a short wood fence.  There is also a big antenna on top of the house, which reminds us of the dead trees during the winter.  The audience can immediately tell this ad is satire because the mom is watering dead plants in the winter, which nobody ever does, and tells us that this family is not a normal family.

0.02-0.03 – The next frame then shows the side of the damaged minivan.  The driver is a female, who looks to be a teenager.  The driver is in the middle of opening her car door.  The middle-aged women, who seems to be her mom, is on the very side of the screen, with her back turned to the camera, and it looks like they are talking to each other.  Behind the minivan there is a giant tan garage.  This scene adds to the satire because no normal people would be acting so calm when they pull into the driveway with more damage to their car.

0.04-0.05 – The next frame shows just the front of the mom, and it looks like she is looking at the direction of the daughter.  She looks disappointed and mad, and has her arms on her hips.  She is also wearing a coat and a scarf, which is another point that it could be winter.  Though the mom looks a little mad, she doesn’t look that surprised and that she is used to the car coming home with more damage to it.

0.06-0.07 – In this frame, the daughter is standing right outside the minivan’s driving side door.  She is wearing a white shirt with a jean jacket over top.  It seems that she is looking back in the direction of her mom, as if her mom is talking to her.  The camera is closer to the car, so the damage and the scratches on the minivan is much more noticeable.  This scene makes the family even more crazy because the mom spots some new scratches to already very damaged car, and the daughter shrugs it off like its nothing.

0.08 – The daughter is still in the same position as the last frame, but her facial expression changes as if she is responding to her mom.  She is also now pointing at something on her car. The daughter just shrugging off damaging the car shows they don’t really care about what they are doing behind the wheel and the consequences of it.

0.09 – The next frame goes back to the mom and she is still talking to the daughter and  she still has a watering can in her hand.  This continually adds to show how dysfunctional this family is by not really reacting to damaging their car, and watering plants in the middle of winter.

0.10- 0.11 – The next frame goes back to the daughter as she still seems to be in discussion with her mom.  She is still pointing at something on the car, like the new damage is not that big of a deal.  The point of this is to show that the daughter really doesn’t understand the consequences of distracted driving and that normal people would be very angry if their car was damaged.

0.12 – The next frame shows a small white bulldozer, with a big black bucket in front, crash into the the front, opposite side of the minivan.  The bulldozer came from the side with the big garage.  Behind the view of the bulldozer, there is a blue dumpster and white van.  This scene’s argument is that the dad has the same mindset of not caring about damaging the car, and that they are a dysfunctional family.

0.13 – The following frame shows the mom again and she looks very surprised.  One of her arms goes up to her chest, and she looks like she is shocked at what she just saw.  She still has the watering pot in her one hand. The mom is at first surprised but still doesn’t get angry as a normal person would do if their car just got run into by a bulldozer.

0.14-0.16 – The driver of the bulldozer is shown and he is a middle aged male.  He is wearing a black hat and what looks to be work gear.  This gear includes heavy pants and jacket, along with a reflective vest.  The bull dozer is stopped right where it hit the minivan, and the bumper of the minivan is now off.  The man has a phone in his hand and he also looks to be talking to one of the females in the driveway.  The argument here is they are a dysfunctional family that don’t care about any of the actions they are doing.

0.17-0.19- The frame then changes angle and we can see that the man who is still in the bull dozer is in conversation with the younger female, who is still by the driver’s side door of the minivan.  She has her arms crossed.  The man still has his phone in his hand.  The front of the minivan is horribly damaged now that the bumper is off too.  In the background the rear of the minivan, there is another large garage across the street with some cars parked in front of it.  This shows a family that is not reacting normal family would react if the dad just ran into the car with a bulldozer because he was texting.

0.20 – The next frame then focuses on the teen girl.  She is now looking at her phone.  As she is looking at it, a little smirk is on her face.  This adds to the satire because she just goes back to her phone without a care in the world about what just happened to the car, and is just laughing it off.

0.21 – The following frame goes back to the man in the bull dozer, in which he seems to be looking at the teen girl and has a smile on his face.  He still has the phone in his hand.  This family does not care about anything because the dad is just laughing after he caused the car bumper to get knocked off.

0.22 – The next frame stays on the man but now he looks down on his phone, and begins to use it as it looks like he is pressing on the phone screen.  The dad continues to not care about what he just did and goes back to his phone which caused the accident in the first place.

0.23 – 0.26- The words, “Distracted driving is NO JOKE,” enter on a plain black screen.  Altogether this video shows a really dysfunctional family who doesn’t care one bit about the damage to the car.  It starts off weird with the mom watering dead plants in the winter, and ends with the family just laughing off the consequences of distracted driving.

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