Rebuttal Argument- muggastackz

Cleary, crime in the United States will always continue to be around. It’s sad at the fact that people in society know that crime isn’t going to change because it happens more often than it should. Justifying the fact that crime rates are decreasing and crime is increasing but there are ideas that could potentially help change how crime is reported. More people in urban neighborhoods aren’t reporting a crime because they would be called a “snitch”. If people in the community are trying to help the situation, it will only continue to grow and get worst than what it is now.

Although crime will continue to happen, African-Americas make up a large population of people that are incarcerated for certain crimes. Automatically, they are targets in America and more so bound to do criminal activity. Growing up they were most likely introduced to gangs and weapons which allowed them to choose the lifestyle that was brought upon today. They are more likely to commit murders or homicides than white people do. Blacks are confronted more by the police because they are a threat to the community. A certain neighborhood can justify if a person will be either in jail or dead. Cities with high-crime control will have the most crime rates and crime because it is a natural effect on blacks in today’s society.

More people in society think that a violent city will have more violent and property crimes. Researchers found that “higher poverty levels are associated with higher crime levels.” When thinking about poverty, instantly it is found upon that there are more killings and robberies that are taking place at each second. It was found that this was only true for property crimes and not violent crimes. Now logically thinking,  it would make sense that violent crime is happening because certain gangs have feuds between them, or even accidentally killings are always happening in neighborhoods in poverty.  In an article, it states, “ Social disorganization theory argues that certain neighborhood characteristics—a low-income, transient population composed of people from different ethnic groups—”would lead to higher levels of crime, as this would weaken the structural bonds within a community” (Jacobs). Neighborhoods are big reasons on why certain crimes happen frequently than they should in areas. Many feel that crime will be reduced if criminals are starting to get convicted for their crimes and if the neighborhoods are starting to become more positive and have a better outlook on the community as a whole. If more neighborhoods have programs or events that can bring a community together than diminish them and allow them to create more violence. A positive neighborhood could reduce crime and property crime will start to decrease instead of increasing constantly.

Along with the fact that urban communities are diminishing people, the police force is also adding to crime rates in America. Cops are killing African-Americans due to police brutality in the world. These are obviously reported crimes because either victims or witnesses see this cruel activity and take it to social media or at least tell someone about what they saw. Now that police brutality is becoming popular in the past couple of years, police try to stay away from black neighborhoods to try to reduce conflict. Blacks tend to stay away from the police now because they see what happens to other people who are just like them. Since cops stay away from black neighborhoods, this means that crime is increasing.

They are staying away which means people in urban communities think that they can get away with anything because no one is reprimanding them. When people see police brutality happening in social media, this just encourages them to do criminal activity. Michael Barone, a writer for National Review states “Black Americans were the primary victims of the huge crime increase starting in the late 1960s, and they will be the primary victims again if the Ferguson effect continues to result in more homicides”(Barone).  Police officers break down people in the community which allows them to feel less than what they are. Resulting in the fact that police brutality is affected mental health, this also attracts people to do criminal behavior because they aren’t in the right state of mind. Police brutality is creating crime to increase. People in society demand more police to come in and help, but what is that going to do? Many theories have been tried to help bring police and people together. They have even tried to bring back certain models to maybe help reduce crime as a whole. This effect only created more people to go against this and it failed. We think that police are supposed to help when in today’s world they are defeating the purpose. If police brutality wasn’t as bad as it is, there wouldn’t be skyrocketing crimes happening.

There is clearly no way to get around the fact that crime is going to completely go to go away. Whether it may be a small or severe crime, it still classifies as a crime in the United States. People do senseless crimes that result with them getting arrested and added to the statistics. Crime will take its toll, however, a person will approach the idea. the number of crimes happening can definitely be cut down a lot. More reported crimes can help reduce the number of crime rates and also the amount of crime in America.

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