Robusts Verbs- Chemia


In Vancouver, heroin addicts  break into cars, rob homes, and steal others’ properties to support their addiction.  The “free heroin for addicts” program provides free and sanitary doses of heroin to drug addicts to safely satisfy their addiction. Even though this program do not prevent them from using drugs, it reduces crime rates and reduces the costs of unsanitary substance abuse to healthcare systems.

One thought on “Robusts Verbs- Chemia”

  1. Effing brilliant, Chemia. “Reduces the costs of unsanitary substance abuse to healthcare systems” is genius. I will steal it and try to remember to give you credit.

    — “commit crimes such as” followed by a list of three crimes is smart only if there are at least four crimes of this type. But if you’re naming them all, it’s redundant. If they commit three crimes, you can use three robust verbs (break, rob, steal) instead of three less powerful gerunds (breaking, robbing, stealing). A small point.
    —Your “other’s” is singular where it needs to be plural.
    — “Robbing” is spelled with two bs.
    — “it prevents crime rates from increasing” is weaker than the more accurate, “it reduces the crime rate.”

    So I won’t steal those details, but everything else is pure gold.


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