Robust Verbs- Misterfries

Vancouver has a problem with heroin addicts committing crimes to support their habits. One program that is doing everything they can to stop the crime is the “free heroin for addicts” program. The crime rate is high, and the addicts hold their share of the blame. Addicts have enough trouble just getting through their day to day lives. Using makes it hard to maintain daily activities like work, relationships, and any interactions. Heroin addicts will do anything in their power to get their fix. That includes committing crimes such as stealing, or breaking and entering. There is nothing addicts won’t do to feed their addiction. The problem with this program, however, is that it won’t help fight the addict’s addiction. It’s goal is to stop crime done by heroine addicts, not stop heroine addicts from using. Providing the drug to addicts will keep addicts off the streets and out of crime. This will also keep addicts out of the hospital. Medical professionals should be attending to patients in need of immediate attention, not dealing with addicts who need to get high. The program will provide the safest means of taking the drug. This program will combat the city’s crime rate, but not stop it’s citizens from using heroine.

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