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When you think of American television, the NFL is the first thought that comes to mind to most Americans. It is easily the most watched television in America, and has basically became a holiday for most Americans. It has brought us so many great moments of entertainment, and memories of great games that most of us will remember and argue for the rest of our lives. With football, and any sport, there will always be a debate about some topic. Who is the best quarterback, who is the best team in the league, should a team make a replacement at linebacker? However, an aspect of the NFL that isn’t debated as much as it should be  is why doesn’t the NFL consider defensive players when it comes to MVP voting? Year in and year out a quarterback, and in some cases a running back, always get MVP, but why do defensive players almost never receive votes?  Elite defensive players are in many ways more valuable than a good quarterback and should be considered every season for MVP.


One thought on “Open Strong – Ivonid12”

  1. Ivonid, what I’ve done above will seem harsh, but it’s essential to this assignment that we eliminate all extraneous commentary and start with the boldest, most direct claim we can.

    That football is popular on TV, or that it provides us with memorable enjoyment, is irrelevant to your premise that defensive players are wrongly overlooked at MVP trophy time.

    You follow up your introduction with rhetorical questions, thereby relinquishing the argument to your reader before you even get started. You’re not in control of how they will answer your questions. Far better to leave them no option.

    In the 50 years since the NFL has awarded MVP trophies to the season’s most valuable player, it has honored quarterbacks almost every season, a few running backs, and exactly one defensive player. This disgraceful dismissal of elite defensive players—arguably much more valuable than their offensive teammates—must end. This year, we should be considering A, B, and C.

    See what I mean?


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