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Pharmaceuticals and Anxiety

Mental illnesses can have an impact on the lives of those who suffer from it. The illnesses can make it hard to do the simplest of things. One of the many mental illnesses that people can suffer from is anxiety. Those with anxiety tend to have a feeling of unease and nervousness about certain events like presentations, relationships, jobs, school, and so on. Having anxiety can make it hard to do the events just listed and even just daily activities. However, there are ways to reduce anxiety and some of those ways are therapy or pharmaceuticals. An unconventional way is smoking weed however, pharmaceuticals are more effective at reducing anxiety.

There are different forms of anxiety but the most common is generalized anxiety. This can be caused by stress or a traumatic event and it sometimes can be genetic. Having anxiety can cause those with it to feel overwhelmed among other things. In the article Causes and Effects of anxiety, it states: “He or she fears the worst outcome in every situation, even if it is illogical… person may even admit or know logically that such fears are irrational, he or she will be unable to stop the persistent worry.” Those who suffer from anxiety experience what is stated above. The constant worrying can cause difficulties in their everyday lives. The effects of suffering from anxiety are difficulty sleeping, trouble interacting with others, no motivation, and disruption in other daily activities. Those who suffer from it can find ways to better cope or even reduce it.

Marijuana is used by many people. It can be smoked, an edible, or can even be a supplement. Prescriptions for weed can be filled out for medical reasons but for the most part, it is smoked recreationally. Some people with anxiety smoke weed to get high because the high is what helps reduces it. However, smoking marijuana does not help reduce anxiety. Smoking it, in fact, can cause more anxiety instead of reducing it. This can happen if it is smoked in high doses. In the article, “Marijuana and Anxiety | Does Marijuana Help Anxiety or Cause it?”, it says “… marijuana can bring symptoms of anxiety or can heighten their existing anxiety.” For some, it can even bring about anxiety. There are long-term effects that come along with smoking it. Some of those effects are heightened anxiety, short-term memory, and paranoia. It is possible to build up a tolerance to weed thus, resulting in lack of reducing anxiety. When it comes down to it marijuana does not help reduce anxiety instead it causes or heightens it.

Pharmaceuticals can be used to help those who are suffering from anxiety. They are a more effective way of reducing and relieving it. There are more positive effects of using pharmaceuticals rather than weed. There are many medications that can help with anxiety and the most common are Benzodiazepines. Benzodiazepines have many different types of medication that can help with anxiety. The cause of using Benzos is to reduce anxiety and to be able to daily activities with more ease. Using these medicines can significantly help relieve anxiety. In the article “Benzodiazepines(BZs),” the author states: “Studies suggest that they are effective in reducing symptoms of anxiety in approximately 70-80% of patients.” These medications have helped more people compared to marijuana. Those who use these medications do not tend to build a tolerance to them, therefore, making it more reliable in helping with anxiety. Pharmaceuticals are more effective at reducing anxiety rather than smoking marijuana.

Marijuana is not necessarily the way to go when reducing and relieving anxiety. When it comes down to it pharmaceuticals are more effective for helping those suffering with it. The medications are more reliable in reducing and relieving anxiety. Having anxiety can make it hard to do daily activities and cause those with it to be worried during situation and events. By taking pharmaceuticals it can help reduce the feeling of being worried and can make it easier to do everyday events.


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