Due to massive fan following of people caused it hard for them to accept the stars death which lead to committing suicide for some and also developing a thought that he is still alive.

As the king of pop was laid to rest, many fans’ hearts broke into pieces. A voice that made them happy and joyful, disappeared into heaven. Since Michael Jackson had a lot of fans, it was hard for them to accept his death which caused his fans to commit suicide and others were in denial. Some fans went through an immense amount of depression. The thought that he was maybe still alive was not enough to console their hearts.  As soon as the news broke out that Michael Jackson has passed, many fans around the world made many tributes to him and honored him in several ways. They held memorials, candle lights, and placed flowers at places that he has set foot. It was a sad time for the world. Many fans felt like they were with him every step of his life and suddenly he was gone.

One thought on “causal—Baahubali”

  1. Everything you say is correct, Baahubali, but you’ll need to do more than list the many ways fans reacted to the passing of the King of Pop.

    Do you have a theory to explain why millions could be saddened by his loss, while thousands were motivated to respond more actively (by attending memorials or placing tributes), and still others were so devastated that they ended their own lives?

    Clearly the differences had to be in those fans in the first place. Right? What would make a person so distraught at the loss of a public figure that suicide seemed like a reasonable response? Compare another popular social phenomenon with millions of rabid fans. If NFL football went out of business tomorrow because it couldn’t afford the concussion lawsuits, would football fans commit suicide? Or is there a fundamental difference between sports fanatics and fans of superstar musical performers?

    I’m not suggesting any particular comparison, or even that comparison of fan types is necessarily the best way to proceed, but you’ll need something like a causal theory to pursue if you’re going to spend 1000 words on fan reactions to his death.

    This is meant to be a conversation, Baahubali. Your reactions, please.


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