Opening Strong – CarsonWentz11

1 . The United States is in an extraordinary crisis about whether guns in our country should be more regulated or not.  This immense debate will most likely never come to an end, and that’s why it is significant to begin looking at community factors and their effects on gun violence.  Factors such as, economy, population, location, gun ownership, and, gender and race, can help local government and law enforcement, to implement certain laws to decrease the gun violence in that particular area.

2. The never ending battle of the gun control debate in America to keep increasing the regulations on guns, has been happening for decades, but it is finally time to stop.  After years of making it harder for law-abiding citizens to buy guns, there has been no solid evidence that those laws effect gun violence.  In fact, some states that have the highest gun regulation laws in the country, have cities that gun violence is in the highest of the whole country.

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