Open Strong- PeterBomersbach

1. Violent video games cause dangerous changes in behviors for individuals with autism. Changes in behavior can include aggressive behaviors, social anxiety, and improper thoughts. Proper actions need to be taken such as informing parents of effects or disallowing release of M rated games in retailers to underage individuals. Not following such a rule will allow the population to get out of hand and might get to an uncontrollable point. Violent video games are bad as it is, why make them more violent when you can alter scenes to support buying customers who don’t necessarily want that.

2. Violent video games desensitize individuals for real world occurrences. If there is a shooter game which rewards plays on getting kills, that effects how they act in real life shootings. Individuals who are exposed will not know how to act in the proper manner. Scenes or events should be taken out of such video games entirely or have the scenes recreated in a respectful manner. Who knows what scene have done to such individuals in the past and now is the time to change ways. The developers can input scenes or practices within games which accurately portrays what is needed or what actions should take places within the given situations.

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Peter Bomersbach

I am currently a Nutrition and exercise science major at Rowan University.

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