Open Strong–Namaste Bean

  1. Avid social media users are in a trance, leading them to become depressed and anti- social. Social media has a major inlfuence on it’s users, from what they wear, how they eat and even where they should spend their money. It is with out a doubt the most convient way of communcation for young adults, as well as the most popular. You could compare one’s social platform as their extended self; society as a whole is becoming more and more engulfed in our phones, to the point where most would feel severe discomfort if away from their phone for more than an hour. Having this much control over a person has the overwhelming ability to manipulate not only how they consume, but their mental health as well. At what point will society be set free from this trance?


2.  Today, many peope are allowing things that are in reality not factual, manipulate their feelings. Society has always had this ability to make things that are not true, considered real. This can be said for religion, money and most recently, social media. Like with religion and money, the actual social contruct of social media is what makes it real. You may follow a fitness page that posts great workouts, great results, and happy people; and that may be real enough for you. What you have to consider is what that page may not be showing is the eating disorders behind the scenes and the unhealthy, unhappy models. Society can no longer let false realities have control over their mental health.

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