Open Strong – eaglessb52

  1. With election season and mid terms for presidential nominees coming up, people are looking to the politician that best shares their common interests and will get laws passed that will help their voters be happy. Voters are eager to get their politicians in office so they can make decisions and get to work as quickly as possible. Voters tend to think that when politicians don’t make quick action to get policies passed that they aren’t hearing the opinions of the people. The real issue lies in that sometimes there’s negative side effects to these things that outweigh the benefits.
  2. We live in a society where everything is moving faster and faster. We are accomplishing feats in technology never thought possible 20 or 30 years ago. For some people, that can’t be said about our political system. Some people believe that it takes too long for politicians to make decisions that could ultimately benefit society. In reality politics are changing every day the only issue is that these policies for changes might also bring negatives that can last for a long time.

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