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Definition- Good Hair

  1. Introducing thesis, Biological advantage of Black hair; what is natural black hair?

Nappy, kinky, or curly; they are all descriptions of Black hair. Natural Black or African hair can range from a soft, ‘S’ shaped curl pattern to tightly curled hair and even to the tight, ‘Z’ shape cross-section of a kinky afro. Famous personal hairstylist, Andre Walker, invented the Andre Walker Hair Typing System which rates hair from pin-straight type 1a to the kinkiest type 4c; most Black people being type 3 and 4 (**Nina G. Jablonski, George Chaplin). Originating in Africa, kinky hair evolved for the dry heat by pushing away heat and moisture from the scalp (….). This hair type should be appreciated as a biological advantage.

Generations of Black people, specifically women, in America have dealt with the social struggle of meeting the ideal beauty standard in this country when it comes to their hair.

2. Going back in time (African slaves and wool), Looking “White”, “Appropriate” hair styles for black people


3. After slavery, Different hair styles and ways to do them, Black hair styles during segregation

Post emancipation, Black Americans did the double duty of investing in two things to “fix” their differences between them and the White side of society: Skin bleaching and hair straightening. These were the two remedies to fix their differences. Skin bleaching has dramatically reduced as a practice since it is has been seen as a ritual of self-hatred for their skin. Even with that, permanently altering hair texture is still a prosperous practice in Black communities.

The battle between not being White, but trying to look as though they fit in socially with the Eurocentric beauty standards of this country has impacted the hairstyle of Black people for decades. These women seek long straight hair that is flat, sleek, and shiny, which they consider “good hair”.

4. Cultural self-hatred with hair


5. Political statement of the 60s and 70s


6. Retreat from the statement


7. Modern hair expression


8. Conclusion../The Politics of Black Hair- A Focus on Natural vs. Relaxed Hair for Afrian- Caribbean Women.pdf

I know that it is completely true that a lot of White people do not understand the concept of Black hair since they live in their bubble and that there was a time when Black hair was less acceptable and professional, but in modern times, it shouldn’t be a problem.



THE POLITICS OF BLACK HAIR A Focus on Natural vs Relaxed Hair for African-Caribbean Women by Michael Barnett


WHY AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN TRY TO OBTAIN ‘GOOD HAIR’ Whitney Bellinger University of Pittsburgh at Bradford

WHY AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN TRY TO OBTAIN ‘GOOD HAIR’ Whitney Bellinger University of Pittsburgh at Bradford

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