Open Strong- Chemia

  1. Restrictive abortion laws, as venomous scorpions, sting the ones who are barefoot. For centuries, women who have the will to terminate their pregnancy have found access to abortion even if it means accessing to clandestine procedures and exposing themselves to death. Restrictive abortion laws are the most abstract, but pure representation of exclusion that selfishly feeds on the vulnerability of those who live miserable.  Women who cannot afford to protect their feet are destined to die stabbed by the lethal and poisonous weapons of the arachnid predators.
  2.  Restrictive abortion laws, death sentences for those who do not have the necessary resources to defend themselves in court. Instead of preventing women from accessing abortion, restrictive abortion laws prevent women from having access to safe procedures that protect them from death. Access to safe abortion is an implicit form of economic exclusion in which the rich is the one who can afford the right to live in a dignified manner. Restrictive abortion laws create a tacit situation of injustice in which the value of life is defined by the ability of the defendant to corrupt the judge.

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