Safer Saws- Peter Bomersbach


A: “I have read a lot of reviews on this saw with people complaining about the price. I can tell you that the money is nothing compared to an accident. I was hurt in 2012 and lost a couple years of work, had 5 surgeries and endless hours of therapy. all told we are talking about several hundred thousand dollars.” – Chuck C

B: this customer wrote a review on Amazon explaining how ell this saw performs over his other counterparts and a incident that had occurred in his past which might influence others to buy as well.

C: This Claim is an opinion because he states his opinion an the saw and past events.

D: The claim has phrases and events brought up by the customer himself about the product. He gives his two cents in on how well the saw performs when he uses it in the shop. He also recommends anyone to buy it if they want to save money from going to the hospital from a saw accident.

E: I completely agree with this claim because I used a sawstip back in wood shop during high school and it made me feel much safer than if I did not have one.


A: “The first and most obvious thing many people like the most is certainly the safety system. Even though many other models can be considered quite safe, this one is near the top.”

B: This website reviewed the sawstip system and provided feedback on what that likes and disliked about the setup.

C: This is an opinion claim

D: It is an opinion claim because whoever write the review used their opinion on what they liked and disliked about the product. One thing they mentioned was their enhanced safety system.

E: I agree with this claim because it shows their side of what they think of the product, if it is with it or not.

Why I Bought A SawStop

A: “The issue was simple; was the risk I took using my old saw worth the money I save by not buying a SawStop? Again, the two voices chimed in immediately. One asked what would be the cost of dismemberment. While the other would tell me that I’ve worked on table saws for over 30 years and the only accident of consequence resulted in a small scar on my thumb.”

B: This website Woodworkers Guild of America, had a post by a woodworker named David Munkittrick which talked about his dilemma of buying the SawStop and the incidents that may accur without one. He has experience with woodwork for 30 years and the SawStop is life changing.

C: This is an opinion claim because it is discussed by a customer on his thoughts of the product.

D: It is an opinion claim because the customer had written his thoughts on a post about his adventure to buying a new saw and the accident it can prevent if he buys one.

Reply to a Customer

A: “My mind was made up for me after an accident that put me in a wheel chair. I am so pleased with the quality, just as you are. It operates so smooth and is very accurate. My wife is also happy that I am now more safe.”

B: This was a reply to the article about Buying A SawStop by Larry. He had an accident that put him in a wheel chair which caused him to buy a SawStop to prevent further injuries and buying a SawStop to make his wife more comfortable.

C: This is an opinion claim because the customer owns a SawStop which he likes as he stated in the quote.

D: The claim is supported by the fact that it was a decision by a customer who had an injury on a saw that had no protection and once he reviewed what everyone else had to say he made up his mind that he wanted one to prevent further injuries.

Better Saw Than Most

A:  “I worked with various table saw brands thru out the years, the one brand I always liked was the Powermatic, I owned a few starting with the 66 model and always enjoyed this brand, but, lately, due to safety concerns having children around the shop, I decided it is time to look into the Saw Stop brand and, of course after a little research, I decided that it would be in my best interest to go with the ICS 5hp single phase.”

B: This quote explains how this customer ended up buying a version of the SawStop after  years of experience. He had kids near the tools so the SawStop was something that took his interest.

C: This is an opinion claim

D: It is an opinion claim because the customer put his thoughts on why the SawStop was something he needed to buy with the environment he was in and the experience he had.

E: I agree with his opinion on why he had to buy one with his kids around the shop to make it feel safer.



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Peter Bomersbach

I am currently a Nutrition and exercise science major at Rowan University.

One thought on “Safer Saws- Peter Bomersbach”

  1. It was unwise to choose several claims all of the same type, PB. They’re all customers, whereas you could have chosen the inventor, other saw makers, government agencies, personal injury lawyers . . . .

    The assignment was to address the claims of several types of constituents of the many identified for you.


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