Open Strong – WaywardSundial

Dominic Fargnoli



Strong Openings


Any exhibitions set out that desire to rid the ocean of pollution will directly be contributing to the very deficit they wish to rid. From boats that skim plastic waste as well as oil emissions from the surface of the sea, any fuel consuming vehicle used in these types of attempts will add small amounts of pollution. Although there is no “perfect way” to clear the ocean of pollution, there still are alternate ways of if not clearing entirely the waste, at least some portion of the oceans pollution will be diminished.



Pollution that lies dormant in the ocean directly harms humanity as well as the wildlife that reside within the foulness that we humans have directly caused. From direct harm being caused to marine life from ocean pollution, such as plastic and oil emissions, the life that we as humans eat can cause a wide variety of health issues. This point aside, the wildlife themselves are being harmed in the wake of toxins leeching from plastic as well as emissions from vehicles that consume fuel. Because so much of the ocean is polluted coupled with the fact that more damage is being caused every day even from efforts set out to rid said damage, it seems paradoxical that we can cure the plague that haunts the ocean when any efforts that try to end the reign of toxicity will also being adding to it.

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