Open Strong- 3g

  1. Nothing mystifies the mind like a black hole. For centuries, hundreds of brilliant minds have worked to understand the inner workings of black holes. Though tremendous strides have been made, it is impossible not to question all that we already know. Since black holes cannot be explored or excavated like planets, it is impossible to know if the physics we are applying to black holes are correct.
  2. Physics of earth is baffling enough, nonetheless that of a black hole. Physicists have applied the known laws of gravity to the properties of black holes. Truthfully, without the ability to explore black holes, we could never know if these reasonings are correct. In fact, we could limit our understanding of black holes by limiting the creative ways in which we think of them to that of the Earth’s properties. Perhaps, the more we apply he physics we know to black holes, the less we really know about them at all.

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