Definition- Baahubali

As we all know that a great memory can’t be forgotten easily, similarly a legendary star is still not forgotten by the people even after his farewell; that is MICHAEL JACKSON. People and his fans have still not forgotten him. We still think that he is between all of us and soon his new album will be launched. Michael Jackson once said that, “a star can never die. It just turns into a smile and melts back into the cosmic music, the dance of life.” From abused child to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson’s success story is one of the most inspiring in history. MJ was born on August 29th 1958 in the Gary, Indiana. The most important people in his life were his 8 siblings, 5 brothers and 3 sisters. They all were so close that started a pop band along with their father. By the young age of 11, Jackson had his own T.V. series. Continuing his success and fame he used his talents to release his first solo album by the age of 14. Throughout his youth, Michael, along with his brothers and sisters, performed as a local song and dance act (successtory).

Success is not something that is bought, it has to be earned. Similarly the king of pop had faced many hardships mentally and physically growing up. He was loved by millions all around the world, however the only person that did not give him love and affection was his own father, Joseph Jackson. Day after day he and his four siblings used to be abused at rehearsals and at home. “Joe Jackson would beat his children if they missed a step, missed a note, or simply not performing well.” (a tragic childhood). His father enforced fear among the children with his presence, to the point that MJ and his brothers used to get physically ill. Due to his strict father by the age of 9 he was described as an adult in a child’s body. As he gained more fame as a solo artist, he was able to escape his father’s abuse. Because of his early maturity, he lost a childhood he once dreamed of. He was able of relive his childhood by spending time with kids and acting childish. Many tabloids judged his childish behavior. Soon in 1970 his four songs were number one hits on billboard. Continuing his journey, in 1982 the Thriller album was released leading him to worldwide success.

Some may describe him as a nonhuman or superhuman due to his unique dancing style and talents. One of his known talents was moonwalk and the 45 degree lean. With all his unique dance moves he inspired a generation with a new dance styles. He reinvented the definition of dancing in front of the world. The way he danced kept him ageless and inspired many cultures all around the world. Through his dance moves he was able to tell a story about the song which made him well known and liked. His songs introduced him to people who did not know him already. Most of u who never knew him, felt like we did know him. His soulful presence makes him a legacy worth celebrating. His concerts were an unforgettable experience for his fans as he was very energetic and soulful music that filled their hearts. He had his own way of walking, talking, singing, dancing and entertaining which made him different form other celebrities. There was fame, and there were pop stars, and there was entertainment, and somewhere above it all was Michael Jackson.

Some of the hardships he went through were controversial such as the allegations of sexual abuse of a thirteen year old boy and was charged for rape and molestation. Despite the allegations that were made, his fans still supported him and believed that he was innocent. They used many media outlets to support him which got the attention of the world and he was proven to be innocent in the end. Looking at the evidence that was found by the police, he was proven to be innocent because he only played with the kids but never sexually assaulted them. This proved that he was supported and loved by all his fans and the world that he only loved children.

There will be no legend like Michael Jackson since he had his own style and it is something that cannot be witnessed anywhere else in the universe. He was a onetime legend that continues to live in our hearts even though he has lived for a short period of time. Now he is in another world but still visits in our dreams and at award ceremonies as he is honored. He comes in various ways whether it is dancing, singing, or his music. There is always a glimpse of him in any song today and in the past. Michael Jackson admired many legends such as Fred Astaire and James Brown. He achieved success by finding motivation through them. Now history repeats again as many singers such as Usher and Jennifer Lopez look up to Michael Jackson as inspiration and role model.

Even though he has faced a lot of struggles in his life, he managed to overcome them and inspire a generation to work hard and achieve their goals. Michael Jackson became an international legend that lives on everyone’s hearts. His dancing, style, and music are still played today and every song brings him back alive in happy or sad times. The media has bashed him in many ways saying that he was a bad a person. All his fans still had faith in him and believed in the kind soul that he was. Michael Jackson has become a house hold name worldwide and continues to live through people’s hearts. People are still star struck by his presence and aura as he is one of the most talented people in the world. Even though some people have never met him, they feel like they have always known him. Above all music legends, Michael Jackson continues to inspire for generations to come and will never be forgotten in a lifetime.


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8 thoughts on “Definition- Baahubali”

  1. hello professor,
    please review my definition argument as it is been posted in “feedback please” since long time… and i would be grateful if you guide me through my mistakes.
    thank you


  2. Baahu, you’re a unique case. You don’t appear to have much interest in actual academic research, but you’re driven to write about the topic that truly interests you. I have two choices in such cases: 1) to compel you to spend your semester on a chore that will ruin your interest in writing, or 2) to give you special license to write as you wish about a topic that encourages you to make sentences and express your opinion.

    I chose 2.

    I did try to move you toward 1, and for awhile you teased me with the possibility that you would serve both your cause and mine. You said you were going to argue that Michael Jackson was actually alive somewhere in the universe, and that he would return. That was certainly a counterintuitive claim. I didn’t think you could prove it, but I granted you permission to try. It was a longshot, I know.

    You haven’t done that. Instead, you’ve produced a nicely-written fan biography. It’s fun to read but it’s also of little consequence. Sadly, it also fails to satisfy the needs of the course because it requires—or at least it receives—no actual academic research.

    It does compile lots of material from popular entertainment sources. I’m not saying you didn’t go looking for sources. You did. The trouble with what you found is that it doesn’t argue an academic point, prove anything, or make itself available to academic discussion.

    Permit me an illustration. If you had argued that because of Joe Jackson’s abusively strict domination of his sons, those without transcendent talent have suffered their entire lives with feelings of inadequacy, but that, because Michael was in fact possessed of other-worldly skills, he was able to turn his father’s abuse into the motivation to achieve artistic success (but nevertheless for all his life remain trapped in the role of the unloved child), then you’d have presented a hypothesis that could be argued academically.

    You didn’t do anything like that. Your thesis appears to be that Michael Jackson is awesome.

    You offer the details of his biography as anecdotes without significance, interesting facts.

    What this means in terms of grading is that the best grades are not available to you. You can’t earn As for exemplary academic writing if you don’t write academically.

    On the other hand, you write well, so I don’t want to penalize you either. You’re using words to express facts and feelings that are important to you in a way that could persuade others to join you in your opinion. That’s worthwhile. It requires skill. (And this is after all a skills course.)

    So, if you want to know the best way to improve this essay, I would say: CHANGE IT COMPLETELY. As it stands, it’s never going to contribute to an academic counterintuitive thesis.

    But, if you want to know, “How can I make this the best fan appreciation essay even though I understand fan essays don’t exactly meet the course requirements?” I could help you with that too.


    1. but professor you said that it is not good according to academic purposes….
      that’s why i was asking you.
      sir can i cal you if possible?


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