Saw Stop- D2Forsaken

The Saw That Won’t Cut Off Your Fingers Has Arrived

A: Roy Berendsohn author of “The Saw That Won’t Cut Off Your Fingers Has Arrived” says that “About midway through the cut, when the blade moved from the wood’s dry exterior into the moist interior, there was a loud bang … The blade vanished.”
B: This quote shows that through testing of object is that the saw works and stops when it senses wet items.
C: The quote is an evaluation since it was just them testing to see if the sensor on the saw actually worked.
D: The quote isn’t to accurate because they never specified how many tests they did exactly and wether or not they tested it on human limbs. They only claimed that it worked on wood which is different then a human arm or hand.
E: I agree with the quote that it vanished quickly but it doesn’t show that if this test was done on a human it would react the same way.

Injury Lawyer Perspective

A: The Schmidt Firm which is a National Law Firm claims that, “Every year, there are over 40,000 table saw injuries, resulting in more than 4,000 amputations. Table saws cause more injuries than any other woodworking tool. Although SawStop safety technology has been around for more than ten years, not all table saw manufacturers have adopted it.”
B: This quote shows the danger of those who don’t use the saw stop technology and the consequences.
C: The quote is a factual claim using statistics of those hurt without a saw stop table saw.
D: I’m not sure of where this fact was taken from or even if these are the numbers. The numbers might be higher then usual to scare people into buying the technology. It could even me lower then that to say to people that this isn’t really needed.
E: I’m not sure if I can agree with the facts shown because it doesn’t say where they got there info from.

Power tool industry to powerful to regulate?

A: Myron Levin author of “Power tool industry to powerful to regulate?” says that” SawStop still makes the only saws with skin-sensing technology, and it accounts for a tiny fraction of sales.”
B: This quote shows that people either don’t believe in the technology or think they are better then that and it will never happen to them.
C: The quote shows the Power tool industry refusing to use these safety regulations.
D: The quote seems to show how industries don’t want to invest the money in such a thing that you have to replace the blade every “incident”. Yes it better then getting a limb cut off but if someone is safe who wants to keep buying the blade.
E: I agree with this quote because a lot of people believe it will never happen to them and that is the mentality they live with.

Feds might force table-saw makers to adopt radically safer technology

A: Author Timothy Lee says that “Before the invention of the SawStop technology, power-tool makers could argue that table saws were just an inherently dangerous product, and customers accepted the risk when they chose to buy and operate them.”
B: This quote could show how table-saw makers don’t care about the safety of their customers since no one ever has to agree to the terms and conditions about the risks of the table saw.
C: The quote is just a “reason” for table saw makers to not incorporate safety regulations.
D: People know and understand the risk of buying table saws but it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have safety regulations. Things happen you can’t avoid and without the saw stop these accidents happen and you might end in the hospital.
E: This quote is true how people know the risks but it doesn’t mean there safety should be in there own hands.

Bosch Tools SawStop LawSuit

A: Clint DeBoer author of “Bosch Tools SawStop LawSuit” says that “Besides that, his injury would also have been prevented by properly following existing safety procedures that are well documented and clearly were violated in this instance. You can’t cut off your fingers if they don’t get near the blade.”
B: This quote says that the company really believe in that if you follow the regulations that come with a table saw then injuries like this won’t happen to you.
C: This is an opinion from the company of the table saw since there is possibility of slip ups even with following all of their regulations:
D: Accidents happen and some of them you can’t prevent so even if all regulations are followed things are bound to happen. No matter how safe you are, your finger could get close and get cut or the item you are cutting could be kicked back and hit you in the gut.
E: I don’t believe in this quote because accidents happen and some times you can’t avoid them Safety regulations lower the amount of injuries, they don’t eliminate them.

3 thoughts on “Saw Stop- D2Forsaken”

  1. D2F, isn’t it likely that the point of the first claim (Won’t Cut Your Fingers Off) was that the saw badly MALFUNCTIONS?

    If it stops whenever it encounters moisture inside wood and destroys the blade along with the $60 brake pad, the user will quickly become more than a little annoyed at being unable to finish his project. This sounds much more like a complaint than an endorsement for an innovation that will reduce injuries.


  2. Regarding the quote from the Injury Lawyer, wondering where the facts came from seems irrelevant. The author isn’t trying to discourage saw sales. She’s a lawyer arguing that saw manufacturers who DON’T adopt safety technology deserve an amount of liability for not helping their customers prevent injury. That’s a claim that invites more skepticism than whether the numbers are accurate.

    Overall your work on this assignment is more than strong enough, D2F. I’m merely pointing out specific places that would reward another look.


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