Open Strong — Kevinbacon

How do we as a society know that an increase in firearm ownership causes more crime? There has yet to be a proven correlation between the two that is based on enough substantial evidence. Guns are certainly deadly, and in the wrong hands can cause a great deal of harm. However where is the proof that suggests a larger quantity of firearms causes the crime rates to raise. If police officers and military personal carried more weapons would there be more crime? In this situation there would be a greater presence of guns but the effects might not be negative.

Is it logical for one to make a claim without enough evidence? This is exactly what anti-gun supporters do. The main idea that is circulating around this community is that more guns equal more violence. However there is no solid evidence that backs up this claim. Violence and crime rates are hard to track down and record. Humans are incapable of  recording everything that occurs. Comparing gun ownership to crime rates is like comparing the amount of shop-rites in the U.S to obesity levels. Yes food may be more readily available, but that doesn’t effect one’s self control and actions which would lead to obesity.

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