Open Strong- beachgirl04

We are always instructed to hydrate, to keep drinking water when you are going to be outside all day or before a sporting event. Have you ever thought to yourself why or what would happen if you did not listen to those people who told you to do that? Do you really know what it means to hydrate and in contrast what it means to be dehydrated. It is important to know the difference between hydration and dehydration because they are both key parts to staying healthy. It may not be such a bad thing to be dehydrated, there is so much more to it.

When you drink water, take a minute to think yourself how much water does your body really need. Do you know there is such thing as drinking too much water? Not many people realize that drinking too much water may be just as harmful as not drinking any water. Of course drinking water helps your body but it is crucial to know when you are just drinking water or when you are overhydrating. Death by over-hydration can happen even though it is rare.

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