SawStop- 3g

Bosch Tools SawStop Lawsuit

A.    “Between the 8% fee and the additional hardware costs, your typical $400 jobsite saw would potentially rise in cost to around $625.

B.    This claim aims to demonstrate the cost effects of making SawStop mandatory on typical saws.

C.    This is a numerical claim because it uses numerical data to assess the possible cost rise after implementing SawStop.

D.    This claim is accurate on the basis that the numerical data is correct, the claim that the cost would go up is completely logical and accurate, as an additional piece of equipment would add to the cost of the saw.


SawStop Sues Bosch over new ReaXX Table Saw and its Flesh-Detection and Blade-Braking Tech

A.    “Bosch has a strong foothold in the portable table saw market, one that SawStop doesn’t really have any chance of encroaching upon.

B.    This claim states that Bosch is too big of an entity to be challenged by SawStop.

C.    This is a causal claim that draws the conclusion that SawStop does not really have a chance at defeating Bosch in the table saw market because they are lesser known.

D.    This is accurate considering that Bosch is very well-known and respected brand while SawStop is a much lesser company with less support from the public.


Table Saw Injury Lawyer

A.    “In 2012, California lawmakers tried to pass a law that would require all table saws sold after January 1, 2015 to have flesh-sensing safety technology.”

B.    This claims that the California legislative system considered passing a law to implement SawStop.

C.    This is a factual claim as it simply states that legislation at one point attempted to make SawStop a mandatory regulation.

D.    This is accurate as it correctly depicts the timeline in which the legislature was considering this.



A. “Very serious injuries, including fractures and avulsions, as well as amputations, have changed the lives of tens of thousands of consumers and impacted their families forever.”

B. This claim insists that the injuries caused by table saws has effected a large number of consumers as well as those close to them.

C. This is a causal claim because it insinuates that because the manufacturers rejected the use of SawStop, people continue to get injured and this is cause for such agony and grief of them and those close to them.

D. It is accurate that because SawStop is not implemented that a larger number of people will continue to be injured, but the effect on the families may be purposefully exaggerated.


Power Tool Industry Defends Table Saw Safety as Disabling Injuries Increase

A.       “They’ve argued that injury numbers have been inflated and that the government’s estimate of $2.36 billion in annual costs to society from table saw accidents.

B.       This claims that the cost to society through taxation to pay for the injuries caused by table saws is substantial.

C.      This is another numerical claim because it uses numbers to depict the cost to not only consumers but all of society for the lack of SawStop technology.

D.      This claim is most likely accurate, but the phrasing makes the cost seems much like much more by stating it as total rather the cost per person, which would be very minimal.

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