Safer Saws – CarsonWentz11

1). A) “Every year, thousands of people are severely injured after using table saws. For more than a decade, flesh-sensing safety technology has been available that could prevent almost all table saw injuries. Unfortunately, the manufacturers have refused to adopt it.”  This quote is from The Schmidt Firm, PLLC, which is a injury lawyer firm.

B) . The lawyer is questioning why a table saw technology that has been around for awhile now, that could save many accidents, is still not used by saw manufacturers.

C) The author begins with a factual claim that table saws accidents happen a lot.  The second sentence is a factual and a causal claim.  The fact that this technology has been around for more than a decade, and that this technology would cause a prevention of table saw injuries.  The last sentence is a moral claim, saying that the manufacturers shouldn’t be refusing a accident preventing technology.

D) This statement by the lawyer firm is very persuasive.  The author shows credibility with facts, and uses those facts to question why manufactures are not using this technology to prevent accidents by the costumers.

2). A)  “CPSC should consider whether a significant cost increase to consumers, a possible withdrawal of manufacturers from the market, ongoing legal action and a possible monopolistic position of one manufacturer are supportive of a mandatory requirement by the government and in the best interest of the consumer.”  This quote is from The Power Tool Institute.

B).  The author is listing the possible disadvantages if the there is a mandatory requirement for the safe saw by the government.

C)  The author is using a proposal claim when it states the “CPSC should consider.”  The author uses a categorical claim by listing the possible disadvantages when making the safe saw technology mandatory by the government.

D) I believe the author makes a good point to consider all the things that could happen if the government makes the safe saw technology mandatory.  I actually think the businesses and the consumer would lose in this situation, especially with the costs.

3) A) “When the Commission first considered this issue in 2006, the injury statistics and disturbing natures of these life-altering, yet preventable injuries were unacceptable.  They are even more unacceptable now.”   This quote is from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

B) The commission is stating that with all the injury statistics that could be prevented, they believe it is unacceptable.

C) The author is using a factual claim about their reaction in 2006.  Their reaction is causal claim, based that the life-altering injuries could have been prevented, causes them to feel that it is unacceptable that they are happing.

D) . I agree with their logic that it is unacceptable, but if the government had the information in 2006 about these preventable injuries, they should have done something right then.

4) A) “Always an excuse for why they can’t do something that will prevent injury or save lives; it almost always comes down to putting profits before the safety of their customers.”  This quote is by the National Consumers League.

B) The author is stating that the manufacturers always have an excuse for not doing something for the safety of the customers, and it’s almost always because of the profits.

C) The author uses a evaluative claim by evaluating the manufacturers as people who don’t care about the safety of their consumers.  This quote is also an ethical claim, stating that the manufacturers should care for the customers over their profits.  A third claim used is a causal claim.  The author claims that the cause for the manufacturers not doing something for the safety of the customers is because they don’t want to cut down on profits.

D)  The authors claim is persuasive that the manufacturers are just making excuses for not doing anything for the safety of the customers.  On the other hand, if I was a business owner, profits would mean very much to me, and I see where they are coming from.

5) A) “SawStop saved my finger and allowed me to avoid an expensive trip to the hospital.”  This quote is by customer, Chris Appleton, on the SawStop website.

B) Appleton’s quote are remarks from the time his SawStop prevented his finger to be cut off.

C) This quote is two claims, factual and causal.  Firstly, it is factual because it actually happened.  Secondly, it is a causal claim because he is stating that the SawStop caused his finger to not be cut off, and saved him a trip to the hospital.

D) This quote is very persuasive because it states an actual real-life encounter with the SawStop and how it could really save a finger and medical costs.

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