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Source 1

In the article “If Table Saws Can Be Safer, Why Aren’t They?” the author claims: 

I found out that table saws cause thousands of these really horrible injuries every year.”

The claim in this source is a causal claim. This claim talks about the consequences that come along with using table saws. The consequences of using the table saws are the awful injuries that happen very often. It also has an element of cause and effect. The claim is saying that the saw is causing the injuries.

Source 2

In the article “10 amputations a day: the need for a safer table saw” the consumer claims:

10 amputations a day and thousands more injuries every year, is an unacceptable toll when a ready fix is affordable, available, and waiting.”

The claim above is a factual claim. The number of amputations a day cannot be disputed and it can be proved. It is also an ethical or moral claim. It is placing judgment on society for not fixing table saws when there are resources available to do so.

Source 3

In the article “Power Tool Industry Defends Table Saw Safety as Disabling Injuries Increase” Osorio states:

“‘The damage that was done to my hand, it’s something that stays with you for the rest of your life,’ he said in an interview. ‘I think the manufacturers should think less about cost, but more about people who are using the saws.’”

The claim made by Osorio is an ethical or moral claim. It focuses more on the ethical aspect because he is criticizing the manufacturers for focusing more on the money and not the users of the saws.

Source 4

In the article “Table Saw Injury Lawyer” the following statement is made by a lawyer:

“People who have lost fingers, hands, and arms to table saws have been devastated by their injuries, multiple surgeries, and medical bills they may never be able to pay so long as they are unable to work.”

The claim above is a categorical claim. The lawyer is saying that table saws cause injuries, many surgeries, and expensive bills. These outcomes are examples of what happens when using table saws without a stopper and are able to fit into a category.

Source 5

In the article “SawStop Saws Detect Contact With Skin” on the SawStop website a satisfied customer states:

“[The SawStop] has made our school a safer place to work and learn. In 20 years of using table saws, these saws are the finest operating saws I have used and seen.”

This is an evaluative claim. The customer is evaluating the quality of the SawStop saws in the school and just in general. The claim can be supported by expertise, credentials, and authorities as well.

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