Safer Saws– BeezKneez

place holder for assignment

  • A. Quote the constituent
  • B. Paraphrase or explain what claim is made if necessary, or simply repeat the quote if not.
  • C. Identify what type of claim is being made. (Very few claims are Factual claims alone. Most are Opinion, or they may be Evaluation claims. If they make suggestions or advocate for mandates, they are Proposals.)
  • D. In a few sentences, evaluate the accuracy, quality, reasonableness, logic, and persuasiveness of the claim, and any support that is offered for the claim. (Obviously no claim can contain all the evidence necessary to support it, so I’ll ask you not to disqualify claims just because they’re insufficient to prove themselves.)
  • E. You may also choose to refute the claim, again in a few sentences, if you disagree with it.

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