Visual Rhetoric – ivonid12


( 0:01) The room is completely blacked out, with what appears to be a canvas, that is also black, with a spotlight shining on it.

( 0:02) A woman appears at the end of the room and walks up to the canvas with a marker to draw on it. Her face is half covered by her own shadow.

( 0:03) The video cuts to a man who is now drawing on the canvas as well. The words shown are “You can’t sit here”. He seems to be writing “LAME”.

(0: 04 – 6) Two other girls draw on the board as well as one other dude.

(0: 07) The canvas shows up with a ton of writing on it.

(0: 08 – 28) Those who wrote on the canvas all explain something and speak to the camera. They all seem to be frustrated while talking and seem to be explaining something.

(0: 29) The video ends with #BeMore.

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