Visual Rhetoric – eaglessb52

At 0:01 the viewer is presented with a young adult around the age of 20. He is texting  with both hands on his phone (presumably an iPhone). He is wearing a white watch of some sort. It is the middle of the day and the weather is completely clear. There isn’t a cloud in the sky. It looks to be around late springtime given that he is wearing short sleeves, also the trees are full of green leaves. The neighborhood looks to be a middle class suburb. It seems as though lots of people on the street own some sort of truck because I count about three or four of them on the street. Is he walking home after class?

At 0:03 the camera pans out from the boy and someone, who I assume is a director of some sorts, with one of those cones that are stereotypical for directors plus some camera equipment and a cameraman is slides into view.

At 0:05 as the production crew slides out of view, three girls who seem to be dancing or practicing their roles appear as the boy and the camera slide along. The colors of the girls’ dresses match those of a traffic light (Red, yellow, green). Some more production equipment including props (a large traffic light), lights, a film reel. There also is a table and what looks like a water cooler or one of those coffee holders. Perhaps this is the back of the set. Since there is a man eating a sandwich of some sorts I believe. Could this be for some sort of film? Is the boy an actor?

At 0:08 the boy from the beginning bumps into the trio bump into the man who flies back, albeit rather comedically. The table gives out from The girls stop their routine to turn to the man who just fell. The boy acts like nothing happened. and starts to walk into the short shrubbery and onto the lawn. There looks to be a back piece for some scenery on the right side of the screen. Could the back piece be important later?  Why is he walking further onto the set?

At 0:09 the man who is falling flings an apply he must’ve been holding at what looks like 90 miles an hour right to the side of a mans head. The man dropped all of the things he was holding and bends over in pain. The apple was definitely computer generated as opposed to the rest of the video. The camera also does a 180 to show this

At 0:11 the camera 180’s back around as a bottle that was on a piece of wood is launched into the air. It’s very hectic and keeps the viewer on edge as they watch.

At 0:14 the bottle lands perfectly on the ground by some miracle. But the rapid increase in pressure caused the contents to shoot up and damage a man in a beanie’s computer. The man also looks away to the distance as if something happened worse than what happened to his computer. What could it be? Was his computer controlling it?


These next few things happen rapidly within the span of around two seconds. First the computer man blames the cameraman for the coke shooting up and damaging his computer so he does the reasonable thing, throw the computer at him. Also we see the texting boy and two of the three girls from 0:05 who both seem to be suffering leg injuries. The yellow dress girl is in crutches. Could this be a message of how quick things change for other people when someone is distracted? Also that panel of the background scene covers this up within 2 seconds. The panel seems to be some sunset scene of a city.


At 0:18 computer guy and camera guy are in a full out brawl now, ruining the background. They also seem to knock down the main cameraman who’s perspective we’re seeing this from.

At 0:21 the boy is center frame, right in the middle of the ruined back piece. He finally lifts up his head from his phone. He seems to realize all of the destruction he caused. Also the phrase “Life is full of DISTRACTIONS.” appears on the screen as well.

At 0:22 the screen fades to black as we are left with the boy looking at us, the viewer. Also the sentence, “Don’t let them happen behind the wheel. ” is center screen in big impact font. The viewer finally gets clarification that it was a distracted driving video.

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