Visual Rhetoric – D2Forsaken

The Future Is Voting | Get Out The Vote 2018

0:01- Opens up with a scene of the lower half of a women walking on the beach along the water during a sunset.

0:02-0:04- Shows the face of the women on the beach and the sun behind her blinding the viewer watching. On the screen it shows “WE KNOW THE STAKES” showing how we know what we need to do.

0:05-0:08- The words “FREE SPEECH,” “IMMIGRATION,” HEALTH CARE,” “ECONOMY,” “SECURITY,” “TAXES,” “WOMEN’S RIGHTS,” “LIBERTY,” EQUALITY,” all shown on the screen. They are shown in the color scheme of red white and blue to represent the US and what it means to be a US Citizen.

0:09- The word “THE FUTURE IS VOTING” shows on screen in black and white. It might represent that people are voting already for a “better” future and it is our turn to vote for the future.

0:12- The date November 6th shows up on the screen again with the color scheme of the American Flag. This might represent when the time is coming to vote for a “better” future

One thought on “Visual Rhetoric – D2Forsaken”

  1. I see the problem now, D2F. They took down your “Get out the vote” promotion after the election. Didn’t see that coming. I’m going to take this out of Feedback Please and head over to your Visual Rewrite. Maybe that will require a revision and you can get credit for responding to feedback on it.


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