Visual Rhetoric- Peter Bomersbach

0:00-0:01- The scene starts off with what looks like a kindergarten teacher talking to her students, maybe asking a question because three of the kids’ hands are raised up. The teacher herself looks properly dressed up as a teacher should as well as the kids sitting in a circle. The blue color of the desk behind the teacher and the calendar made out of felt really gives off that fresh classroom feel along with the brown walls in the background. The windows out of view seem to let in some light which might represent it is sometime in the morning. All of the kids look happy to be sitting where they are now.

0:02- 0:03 – The camera zooms in onto the teacher’s happy smiling face which also seems to be looking at one of her students. She has earrings to look more sophisticated in front of her young students.

0:04 – There is a new scene of what seems to be the kids lunch time since the one kid in the blue sweatshirt is eating and the boy beside him on the right is drinking what could be the same thing. The young kid who appears to be eating an orange with his milk is talking to no one, just looking at his food. The teacher beside him could just about to be asking a question. It is still bright outside.

0:05- The teacher leans over a girl to probably ask some kind of question. Everyone in this scene appears to be eating or drinking something. All of the kids look to be talking to each other. Some kids are drinking milk all with the blue swirly straw. There is an emergency exit door in the background in case a fire or something else happens where they need to leave.

0:06- The teacher then proceeds to lean over further grabbing the juice box from the little boy who maybe wants something else or just asked a question regarding his drink.

0:07- What seems to be the teacher who was in the classroom in now taking a community bus probably back to her house/apartment. Outside looks to be more dark and stormy meaning she has been teaching for a while. Her purple jacket means it might be cold outside and purple is her favorite color. The road they are traveling on is either packed with parked cars or is pretty busy during that time of the day.

0:08-0:09- It is the teacher from the kindergarten class from before but she looks tired as her head rest on the window of the bus. She is holding something that resembles a black pocketbook or bag as her hand holds the strap rests which is on her shoulder.

0:10- The house she walks up to while looking for her keys appears to be somewhat old hence the window to the left of the door with the beaten white frame. There is a telephone pole outside her front lawn as seen in the reflection on he window. The teacher could have added some color to her window frames and the red coloring of the staircase leading up to the door. The main color scheme of the outside part of the house is blue and white. The shrub and tree seem to be nicely taken care of.

0:11-0:12 – The woman opens up the door and we see what looks like her two kids, one male and the other female about the same age. There are 3 picture frames on the wall which might represent peace and calm settings. The lamp is turned on because it is getting dark outside. Her kids could have been home a while since they are settled on to the brown couch and the male is watching TV with the remote in his hand.

0:13- The woman and her kids acknowledge each other by smiling. The scene then cuts to her pouring something of a soup consistency into three bowls on the counter. She probably made it but since there are 3 bowls, she is not married. She still has the same clothes on since the woman was with her students. The kitchen is a tad beat up.

0:14-0:15- The camera cuts to her face as she looks concentrated and not relaxed as she pours this meal for herself and kids. She might have something else on her mind.

0:16-0:17 We can now see how much soup was put into each bowl and it is not much. The third bowl has nothing in it so the mother probably sacrifices her portion to give it to her kids for dinner. This means the family might not be financially stable as she is choosing to not eat dinner serving tiny portions of soup to her kids. The oven mitts in the background might signify that the dinner was reheated or just cooked.

0:18-0:20- The whole family is sitting at the dinner table enjoying their meals except for mom because she didn’t have any. The mother still seems happy as she watches her kids eat with a lone spoon in front of her arm. The old cabinets, window curtain, and counter signifies that the family does not have a lot of money but they do have love. We can aslos see it is still dark outside.

0:21- The camera cuts to just the woman’s face as she smiles at her son’s bowl meaning he might of finished his portion of soup or he enjoyed it.

0:22- The next scene we are in the kid’s bedroom where they have their pajamas on getting ready to sleep in their beds. The two siblings sleep right next to each other and share the same room. The pictures on the wall between them represents how much they love each other. The mom is either walking in to tuck them in or walking out.

0:23 – The girl is shutting off the night lamp for bed and the son has a trophy next to his bed and the girl has a jar of something next to her bed.

0:24- The mother was closing the door making sure they were ready for bed as it is quite dark throughout the rest of the house and you can not see her face. She was smiling on her way out the door.

0:25 – The mother goes back to the kitchen to wash her hands as she rolls up her sleeves approaching the sink. There is no one else at the table and the one pot she used for dinner is drying on the counter for its next use. The mother is still wearing the same clothes since morning.

0:26 – 0:36- A white text enlarges on the screen saying, “FEEDING AMERICA.” There is also the symbol for Ad Council in the bottom right corner of the video. While the video is ending she is washing the spoons used for dinner.



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