Visual Rhetoric- veleze22



Visual Rhetoric

0:00-0:01- The ad starts very quickly with a dark room being lit up with the shadow of a person in a doorway. From the shape of the person, it seems to be a man with rolled up sleeves. His hands are on his hips while he is just standing there. Hands-on-hips communicates that a person is ready for assertive action. It lets the person take up more space and acts as a threat because the pointed elbows that act as weapons to prevent someone from approaching or passing. My instant thought about this is that there is some sort of unknown visit because when the door opens the man’s hands are already on his hips, which makes me believe that he didn’t open the door himself, maybe a person or thing on the other side did.


The ad is some sort of anime or cartoon. When you look at the man in the shadow you can see that his arms are curved like the letter C. His waist line to his legs are also a straight line so that immediately indicates that this is an ad made with video design.


0:02- The scene changes and there is now a close up of arms (rolled up sleeves) with gloves on. The arms seem to belong to the same person that was standing in the door way. It looks like he is reaching down to grab something, maybe off a night stand, or bed but I’m not sure what. The room is still dark.


My anime and cartoon guess seems to have proved itself true. The man has a thumb but only 3 fingers on each hand. It indicates that this ad is certainly of video design.


0:03-0:06- A mug that says “Lungs 4 Life” is shown being filled up with hot water. My indications are that someone is going to have tea. A white lab coat and face mask are put on as what appears to actually be a woman with her hair up is about to perform surgery or something.


0:07-0:10- The woman turns around is looks like a super hero with her face mask on. Her chest also has a pink logo on it. It looks like a pair of lungs and it is glowing. She seems to be a doctor. She is in an office with computers, a table, and a desk. She must be the hero. The scene turns to an outside setting. It is a nice sunny day outside and a man is painting his fence. He has a table with lemonade and a snack on it with a glass poured next to him as he paints.


0:11-0:14- The super doctor busts through the fence with her hand up in the air like she’s there to save the day. The man is looking at her in shock as she has now ruined his freshly painted fence.


0:15-0:18- The scene changes and is now zoomed into the man that was painting. He looks like his a saying something (to the super doctor). He looks disappointed because his fence. The angle then switches zoomed to the super doctor and she is saying something to the man. She looks happy. My guess is that she is providing the man with facts about the lungs since she is still in her suit. She then runs off back through the hole in the fence she came through.


0:19-0:22- The man is just standing, looking at the hole in his fence. It looks like he is thinking about what to do to fix the fence. This indicates to me that whatever the super doctor told the man, he doesn’t really care about. This could be why people have health problems. No one is worried about anything until something is wrong.


0:23-0:26- The man continues to stand and look at the fence. The scene ends and a message board comes up that says, “If you smoked, early detection could save your life.” Logos appear at the bottom of the ad for the Ad council, American Lung Association, and Lung Force.


0:27-0:30- The message changes to say “Learn more at”. The message here I’ve received through this ad is that smokers of the past or anyone who does smoke should get a lung cancer screening since smoking can cause cancer.


End of Ad.

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