Visual Rhetoric- beachgirl04

0:00- There is a boy who looks to be in about his teenage years playing with a beach ball on the beach and a little girl mid stride running over towards the boy with the beach ball. The beach is empty and it looks as if the sun is beginning to rise behind the two people, the weather must be a little bit chilly because they are dressed in long pants and a long sleeve shirt.

0:01- The boy kicks the beach ball high into the air and the little girl dressed in all pink runs towards it to try and catch it with her arms all the way up in the air.

0:03- The ball hit the ground finally and bounces into the little girls arms, she put her entire body over the beach ball as the man who kicked it backs away towards the ocean a little bit.

0:04- The scene completely changes and moves from a beach scene to an open field with a house in the background a little bit of a distance away. There is a man standing in the dew covered grass looks as if he is about to throw something a far distance away. The season looks to be as if it Fall due to the jeans and jacket the man is wearing and the lack of leaves on the trees. The man quickly releases a baseball to someone who is a distance away.

0:05- The camera changes scenes again and shows a young girl of color catching a small blown up beach ball in a fenced in backyard from another person but the other person is not pictured. The sun is setting behind her and she looks scared to death while the ball is coming into her arms. The little girl is wearing flip flops twice her foot size.

0:06- The camera shifts over to show the other little girl who is having a catch with her sister using the small beach ball. The father walks out to the backyard to see his two daughters spending time together, he looks interested in getting involved.

0:07- Change of scenery again, the camera moves inside to a very nice kitchen with stainless steel appliances and white cabinets. There is a young girl dressed in a blue princess dress who is running out of the kitchen very quickly as if someone is calling her name.

0:08- A teenage boy is standing outside of a nice set of garage doors during night time tossing something up in the air to himself.

0:10- The camera goes back inside into the kitchen, stainless steel refridgator behind the young girl dressed in a princess dress as she catches an orange and looks so ecstatic about it.

0:12- The camera is in a living or family room showing the front window that is very large, there is a father and a daughter outside hitting a very big ball back and forth about 8 feet apart from one another. Looks as if they are spending some quality time together in the nice weather.

0:14- In this shot the camera only shows a backyard that is big in size and a young girl receiving a soccer pass from someone who is not pictured. She is running with the soccer ball and looks very happy. She stops the ball and turns around with it.

0:15- Another scene is captured and that is a father and a daughter in her teenage years having a night time pass with a volleyball outside of their house. They volley the ball back and forth while moving around.

0:16- The scene changes and there is a teenage girl at sunset jumping into a backyard pool about to catch some sort of ball from an individual not pictured. She is midstride into the pool with her arms fully extended into the air.

0:17- The girl catches the ball and jumps into the pool, she goes under water and pops her head back up and has a huge smile on her face because she caught the ball as many people can’t do that.

0:19- The camera changes scenes again and moved to a softball field, where a tall girl is winding up to pitch a softball at a very fast speed.

0:20- The girl who just released her pitch on the softball field is pitching to her father who caught the ball at home plate. They are practicing his daughter’s pitching skills and he looks like he is ready to compliment her on her last pitch.

0:23- The camera moves to an older man in the night time who has a football in his hand and is ready to pass it to someone who is not pictured. The houses behind the man look as though they are in Florida because of the palm trees pictured.

0:24: The camera zooms out and shows the man throwing the football to a woman but shows the back of her head as she catches the football.

0:25- The ad transitions into a black screen with white writing for the remainder of the video.


One thought on “Visual Rhetoric- beachgirl04”

  1. I haven’t watched your video, BeachGirl, so I’ll respond with questions rather than suggest additional observations. Since I can’t see what’s going on, I’ll tell you what my mind wants to be told.

    An abandoned beach can be pleasant, peaceful, picturesque, desolate, forlorn, even threatening considering how far emergency assistance might be. Your teen boy and little girl are on the beach at daybreak playing with a beach ball but not dressed for the beach. It’s at least a little unusual. What mood is conveyed? Is it an ocean beach or a lake?

    Has there been a camera change? Are we watching the scene from a distance so that their isolation is essential, or, for example, do we watch from underneath as the ball sails up into the sky? In one shot, we might be thinking how alone they are. In another, we might be identifying with the kids, playing along as it were.

    “put her entire body over the beach ball” only makes sense to my mind if she rests the ball on the sand and “covers it” by lying on top of it. It’s very peculiar behavior if she does that for no reason, but you express no surprise, so maybe I’m misreading it. You called him a boy in his teen years at 0:00; now you call him a man. I see you clarify it’s the ocean.

    Are both seasons fall then? Long sleeves at the beach and now leafless trees. Do we sense a connection between the scenes that are “completely changed,” or do we have to withhold judgment? Are the camera angles the same for the beach and the house? Taken from eye level? Equally distant from the people? Similarity would suggest a connection or relationship.

    This makes two scenes in which a male character throws or launches a ball (sport or play) to another character. You don’t say how you know the second ball is being thrown “to someone” as opposed to being forcefully discarded into the woods.

    More balls. Another girl. A second beach ball (or could it be the same? similar in size, coloration, and style?). Are we meant to mentally “connect” the thrown baseball with the caught beach ball like a chorus where one action leads to the next?

    Whoa. Scared to death of a beach ball? Sunrise in the first scene and now sunset in the third? Has this all occurred on the same day, in different places, to different people?

    You may not be able to answer ANY of these questions, BeachGirl, but your reader is in an even WORSE position to judge what’s going on. If you have any information to share that will help us understand what sort of argument is being made, we’d all appreciate it.

    I still haven’t watched the video, and I think for now I’ll let that be. If you’re willing to revise your first few seconds, I’d love to have another read to see your additions and revisions.

    Alternatively, you could explain why such revisions are impossible or inadvisable.

    Respond however you wish, and return the post to the Feedback Please category if you’re willing to engage in another round of Notes. But do respond. Don’t JUST put it back.

    Thanks. This is fun.


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