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Video games now a days are very different compared to ones created decades ago. They have developed a very solid foundation of people who play video games just to get some enjoyment or spend some leisure time. Although parents let kids play any video game they desire, all of them should really focus on what they let their kid play. Violent video games are a big problem for the young children who are still developing their brain because it can cause traumatic damage and change their lifestyle forever. Also playing an unhealthy amount of those violent video games can cause outside problems in school or with social life. Parents need to pay more attention to what their kid is playing and if they have experienced any affects with behavior in and out of school.

Source 1:

Do Violemt Video Games Make Kids More Violemt? – Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research

Content of Article- This article talks about a handful of studies with violent video game potentially changing behavior. About half of the studies show that violent video games can not cause aggressive behavior and the other half do state that aggressive behavior was an affect after playing violent video games. It just comes down to the type of kid who plays the video game in the first place and if their is any backstory.

What it proves:

This article proves that violent video games do cause aggressive behavior in some studies depending on the type of kid playing. The more violent video games that play, the more likely they are to be inclined to change their behavior for the worse.

Source 2:

Violent video games make children more violent

Content of the article:

This article has many studies within a lab that tested the behavior of kids compared to ones that were playing a non violent video game. There was no real correlation of the studies but more studies were taken, 98 with about 36000 kids and the results showed that kids playing Tye violent video game resulted in a more determined and punishing attitude when doings an objective. Most results were seen right away but some were not such as young adult desensitization.

what it proves: This article proves that violent video games within studies have showed that a change in behavior is immediate in young adults along with the desensitization of real violence.

Source 3:

Do video games lead to violence? – Susan Scutti

Content of article: This articles explains the correlation between video games and the health of young adults. This also comes off of what Donald Trunp said about having to change the way kids play video games saying how they shape young kids thoughts. They also say how killing people should not be a reward within a game as it can change the mindset of the player.

what it proves: This article proves that violent video games need to be further looked into because the level of aggresion as a result and the population of the video games between the ages of 12 and 17 years old.

Source 4:

Study confirms link between violent video games and physical aggression – Mike Snider

Content of article:

The whole article goes to explain how their studies that there was a direct correlation between violent video games and an increase to aggressive behavior over time. The universal studies by Dartmouth College used games such as Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty to use with in their studies.

What it proves: This article proves that within their studies show violent behavior in nine to 19 year olds is a direct cause from playing violent video games such and GTA and Call of Duty.

Source 5:

Do Violent Video Games contribute to Youth Violence?

The Article: This shows a whole list of pros and cons with kids playing their favorite violent video games. One easy thing to notice is that the cons heavily outweigh the pros with stuff ranging from sales to actual school shooters came from violent video games.

What it proves: This article proves that violent video games can easily cause downhill changes in a persons behavior. That also state that the completion with in violent video also leads to aggresion. The fact that killing is a reward in most violent games is bad in itself.

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