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For my research essay I will be examining the winners of the “Most Valuable Player Award” in sports while more specifically focusing on the NFL and its’ winners. The MVP award is a staple of most modern sports we all watch today, and the topic of who really is the most valuable player is one that is always hotly debated. More specifically, the NFL seems to have the main issue of having the same position, quarterback, always winning the MVP award. Although the sport of American football is considered to be one of the most team oriented sports you can play, a majority of the time, and especially most recently, a quarterback wins the MVP award. Even when you factor in coaching, and how much they have an impact on a player or team, the quarterback is still mostly favored.

Even though football takes all 11 guys on both offense and defense to win, the quarterback should be the best candidate, if the stats line up well. The quarterback is essentially, the second coach, and therefore in is control of everything on the offensive side of the ball. While the quarterback doesn’t technically play on defense, his play on offense can only benefit the defense, as it puts less pressure on them to perform. Other than maybe a runningback, the Quarterback has best ability out of any position, to heavily impact both sides of the ball.


Most Recent MVP Debate

The essential content of this article – This source discusses the most recent MVP debate of last season, which narrowed down into a debate of a quarterback vs a running back. It also provides a solid argument for the quarterback winning.

What it proves – This article will benefit my hypothesis as it provides the most recent debate of why quarterbacks more commonly win MVP and why it happened last season. I can use this information to prove my hypothesis on why quarterbacks are the most important position on the field.


Recent Defensive MVP Candidates

The essential content of this article – This source provides the cases for defensive players potentially winning MVP, and ultimately who they lost to, and why they didn’t win. It also provides information on why maybe they should of won.

What it proves – This article proves why mostly offensive players win the MVP, and how difficult it is for a defensive to win MVP. This further proves my hypothesis of why quarterbacks are, and should be more favored for MVP.


The Bias with Quarterbacks


The essential content of this article – This source provides information, on why there is a clear bias on quarterbacks usually being MVP. It also provides information on how quarterbacks aren’t necessarily the best players, but they are still picked for MVP.

What it proves – This article proves part of my hypothesis, of quarterbacks being the favorite for MVP, not because they are the best player, but because they play the most valuable position.


Why Quarterback is most Important


The essential content of this article – This article uses analogies, and comparisons to other sports for why the quarterback is the most important position in football while also providing its own information.

What it proves – This source helps further support my hypothesis as to why quarterbacks are so important, hence why they usually win MVP.


Quarterbacks need their own Award?


The essential content of this article – This source argues the notion that Quarterbacks should have their own separate award due to the fact that the award is already dominated by the position.

What it proves – This further proves my hypothesis on how valuable the quarterback position is, as many believe it should have its own award.

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