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One of the most talked about political issues today is gun control.  Just by its name, “gun control”, many would believe that laws and regulations to limit guns would be productive in decreasing gun crime, but is it as productive as it seems to be?  To contrary belief, I am proposing that gun control laws actually don’t decrease gun crime.  Through my research, I will searching for the truth about gun control and its real effects.  I will be looking for evidence that compares gun violence data from areas that have more strict gun laws to areas that are have more relaxed gun laws.

The Impact of Gun Control and Gun Ownership on Violence Rates– Gary Kleck, E. Britt Patterson

The Essential Content of the Article: This article is a study that gathered information from 170 U.S. cities that had a 1980 population of at least 100,000, in which they had the 19 major categories of firearm restrictions.  This study covered all the major categories of intention violence and crime.  The results of this study show that gun prevalence levels generally have no net positive effect on total violence rates and most gun control restrictions generally have no net effect on violence rates.  The only only violence that the study showed a positive effect was for suicide.

What it proves: The data from this study proves that in the cities that they researched, that had major gun restrictions, generally did not find any effect on the rate of violence.  I can this research from this study to help prove my hypothesis that gun control laws don’t actually lower crime.

The Case for Arming Yourself – John R. Lott Jr.

The Essential Content of the Article: This article was written in 2011, after the infamous shooting in Tucson, Arizona, and states that if more people are able to conceal and carry guns, less crime will happen and more lives would be saved.  The author mentions that most times when police arrive, it is too late and after the crime has already happened.  The author also disproves a common misconception held by people who are pro-gun control, that if a lot of people are permit holders, more gun violence will occur.  In fact, out of the 99,730 permit holders in Arizona in 2007, only .03% permits were revoked for any reason.

What it proves: This article and the misconception it disproves, proves that allowing more people to have permits for carrying a gun, will not increase crime, but would actually decrease crime by deterring criminals, or possible saving your life or another.

Does Gun Control Reduce Crime or Does Crime Increase Gun Control? – John C. Moorhouse, Brent Wanner

The Essential Content of the Article: The research in this study is to determine whether gun control reduces crime or does crime increase gun control?  The authors use state-level data and that for the District of Columbia to find their results.  The authors concluded that no data supports that gun control reduces crime.  On the other hand, they did find data to support that higher crime rates generate more political support for stricter gun laws.

What it proves:  The conclusion of the study finds no evidence that gun control laws reduces crime.  The authors used state-level data, and I can use this to add to my evidence for proving my hypothesis.

Handguns, Gun Control Laws and Firearm Violence” – Douglas R. Murray

The Essential Content of the Article: The authors uses F.B.I. data, census materials, and vital statistics, to explore the relationship between access to handguns, gin control laws, and the incidences of violence associated with firearms.  In conclusion of their study, they discovered three facts.  First, there is no significant relationship on gun control laws lowering rates of violence associated with firearms.  Second, gun control laws have no significant effect on access to firearms.  Third, differing rates of access to handguns have no significant effect on violent acts.

What it proves: The authors conclusion to their study, that they found no significant relationship with gun control and a decrease in violence associated with firearms can be used in my argument and it supports my hypothesis.

Media Influence on Attitudes Toward Guns and Gun Control“- Kenneth Dowler

The Essential Content of the Article: This article is a study done to see how what people watch on tv affects their views on gun control.  It is quite surprising that the main thing they found was that people who watch crime shows have relaxed views about gun control and are in favor of people being allowed to be concealed with a gun.

What it proves: This proves that people can be be persuaded on a side of a issue just by what they watch on tv.  If they can be persuaded that easily for relaxed gun laws, then many people can be easily persuaded the other way for gun control, with other ways.

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