White Paper- Baahubali

For my  hypothesis i am going to use the similar type of links for my research paper. according to my hypothesis, MICHAEL JACKSON is still alive!!!!!!

How he became king of pop.

In this article it clearly states that how Michael Jackson gained fame and became the king of pop….. and also including his achievements.

Michael Jackson’s superhuman talent

in this article it is all about his dancing styles which were in-short inherited from different planet. and how he danced like no one did..

how Michael Jackson is more talented than any previous human being

what made Michael Jackson different from other artists and dancers.

Michael Jackson’s music had impact around the globe

it explains how his music got a deep place in the hearts of people and whens when they heard them..and how it had brought the new evolution of music in the world.

The two lives of Michael Jackson

the hardships he faced due to his blackness and how he managed his personal and professional lives together. and also according to people, he he was living 2 lives.


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