White Paper- 3g

My hypothesis involves the studies of and the physics applied to black holes. I will discuss the legitimacy of using the physics we already know to describe and explain black holes and how that definition limits our studies on black holes.

What Is a Black Hole?

-This article defines what a black hole actually is and answers several common questions regarding black holes.

-This article does not necessarily prove anything, but it will give the reader a basic understanding of black holes and how they function.

Black Holes

-This article gives examples of the very simple and easy to understand physics that are applied to black holes, and explains important concepts like the event horizon, etc.

-Again, this does not really prove anything but it does give a good basis of the physics used to help the reader fully understand what is being proven throughout the paper.

Black Holes: Everything You Think You Know Is Wrong

-This article goes into detail about the contradiction between the laws of quantum mechanics and the properties of black holes.

-This proves that black holes already defy the physics of earth that we apply to it.

Can we create black holes here on Earth?

-This article discusses the worldly phenomenons that we experience on Earth and compare them to black holes, and it ponders the idea of our ability to create black holes on earth.

-This proves that their is definitely a questionable relationship between the properties of earth and black holes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Black Holes

-This article answers many frequently asked questions about the mechanics of black holes.

-This proves that much that we know about black holes is questionable at best and has yet to be proven.

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