white paper- kinggkunta

For my research, I will be making a connection between crime rates, and the amount of crime committed. Does the crime rate actually display the number of crimes commited, or are they just fabricated numbers? I will also be taking into account the process, and arithmetic used in producing these numbers. Also investigating the demography of these crimes, where and when, and if people actually report crimes in their neighborhood.


Lowest crime rate recorded in North Okanagan towns

This article talks about how Noth Okanagan towns have the lowest crime rate recorded in their province, but these crime rates don’t include breakings and damage to properties.

Production of Crime Rates

This article further tackles how crime rates are generated, and it shows the social aspect contributing to the crime report.

Burglars, robbers drive crime rate up

This article shines light on burglary and robbers, and how they drive up the crime rates of Auckland, New Zealand.

Crime Control Measures, Individual Liberties, and Crime Rates

In this article the question of whether government intervention is asked. If corruption in the government drives these crime rates. Also, these assessments were made over 40 countries with different geographic and social structures.

I believe crime rates don’t correctly project the number of crimes that occur in society.

Rowan Annual Report


Mass Shootings

Provides stats on the number of mass shootings in the United States.


2016 Crime Statistics released

Fbi data on crime statistics in the U.S in the year 2015.


Crime in the United States

Burglary in the U.S  in the year 2016.

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