White Paper – eaglessb52

eaglessb52’s Proposal

For my research essay I will be diving into America’s two party political system and policies passed by America’s politicians. In the essay, “America’s Two-Party System: Friend or Foe”, by David Dulio and James Thurber they discuss the origins of our political system and how it effects our day to day lives. Today more than ever politics are changing, but how rapidly is the question. Many people today are depending on politicians to provide rapid changes to our political system but in order to find that change the system needs to rapidly change. And despite politicians of both sides promising change it cannot happen on their end either.

eaglessb52’s sources

“America’s Two-Party System: Friend or Foe”

The Essential Content: It provides insight on the workings of America’s political system from the beginning while providing insight on pros and cons of our two party system.

What it proves: It discusses roots of our system from the beginning and how it effects our lives. It can also provide some evidence towards the rebuttal part of my essay as well.

“O Other, Where Art Thou? Support for Multiparty Politics in the United States”

The Essential Content: It provides a hypothesis for support of a multiparty system in the US from individual all the way up to federal level insight on the topic.

What it Proves: The piece provides survey data to project attitudes about a multiparty political system in the United States. It could be used to provide numbers to back my argument that for change to happen, the system needs to be revised.

“Democracy and Disorder”

The Essential Content: It provides a different viewpoint on my argument from a more judicial standpoint instead of an independent view.

What it Proves: It gives a state/federal level viewpoint on our democracy and voting. It can be used to as evidence from a different level in politics instead of an independent viewpoint I seem to be focusing on.

“American Government: A Comparative Approach”

The Essential Content: This gives insight on America’s political system and compares it to other political systems the world over.

What it Proves: This could support a couple paragraphs centered on different political systems, how they work, and how change to them could prove positive and negative.

“The Ironic Evolution of America’s Two Party System”

The Essential Content: The essay gives an approach on our politics and how despite a two party system intending to have everyone represented it fails to do so.

What it Proves: This can be used a couple times in my essay to examine fallacies of the current political system we have in place. It also touches on the idea that our parties have two contrary foundations but fixate on a “centrist middle ground,” as Kevin Ha puts it.

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