PTSD Claims- PeterBomersbach

“Caleb has been home since 2006, way more than enough time for Brannan to catch his symptoms.”

– This is an evaluative claim because whoever is narrating the situation just assumed that  Brannan would catch the same symptoms as Caleb since he has been home a while. The evaluations of Brannan catching symptoms from Caleb could be completely wrong.

“The house, in a subdivision a little removed from one of many shopping centers in a small town in the southwest corner of Alabama, is often quiet as a morgue.”

– This is a Factual claim because evidence proves that the house is very quite often due to the distance it is away from one of the many shopping centers.

“When a sound erupts—Caleb screaming at Brannan because she’s just woken him up from a nightmare, after making sure she’s at least an arm’s length away in case he wakes up swinging—the ensuing silence seems even denser.”

– This is a casual claim because it is a cause and effect. The cause is Brennan wakeing up from a nightmare screaming and the effect is Caleb screaming at Brennan due to her waking him up.

“Their German shepherd, a service dog trained to help veterans with PTSD, is ready to alert Caleb to triggers by barking, or to calm him by jumping onto his chest. This PTSD picture is worse than some, but much better, Brannan knows, than those that have devolved into drug addiction and rehab stints and relapses.”

– This is a factual claim because the dog is trained to bark or jump on Caleb’s chest when the German Sherpard senses something.


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