PTSD Claims – jokerthefool

It’s hard to say, with the lack of definitive tests for the former, undertesting for the latter, underreporting, under or over-misdiagnosing of both

  • This is a casual claim
  • She says that we as a society lack the means to have a definite number of people returning from the war with trauma.
  • The way she states it is in a negative manner, suggesting we should have a method of some kind to get a definite answer.

Now, he’s rounder, heavier, bearded, and long-haired, obviously tough even if he weren’t prone to wearing a COMBAT INFANTRYMAN cap, but still not the guy you picture when you see his “Disabled Veteran” license plates.

  • This is an evaluative claim
  • She says that this isn’t the guy “you” would picture. And its true because she playing upon the fact that most of us have a preconceived image of what a “disabled veteran” looks like.
  • She does this to show a point that PTSD and symptoms of it aren’t necessarily visible. It’s not something that only happens to people we see as “disabled veterans” in our minds

,the British Ministry of Defence pardoned some 300 soldiers who had been executed for cowardice and desertion during World War I, having concluded that many were probably just crippled by PTSD.

  • This is a numerical claim
  • This claim relies on the number 300 to help illustrate the lack of respect of people with PTSD due to misdiagnosing and lack of understanding.
  • This point does an adequate job of conveying just how many people can effected by the lack of understanding of PTSD

The result of a malfunctioning nervous system that fails to normalize after trauma and instead perpetrates memories and misfires life-or-death stress, for no practical reason, it comes in a couple of varieties, various complexities,

  • This is a definition claim
  • This claim is kind of a sneaky way to define what PTSD without saying “PTSD is…”
  • It helps the author support how complex PTSD and how its understandable why its tricky to diagnose

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