PTSD Claims- Flowers3399

But she’s got a warrior’s skills: hyperawareness, hypervigilance, adrenaline-sharp quick-scanning for danger, for triggers.

  • This is a categorical claim.
  • It is listing the symptoms that come along with PTSD.
  • The symptoms itself belong to category themselves.  

Brannan Vines has never been to war.

  • This is a definition claim
  • It is defining that Brannan has never been to war.

He’s one of 103,200, or 228,875, or 336,000 Americans who served in Iraq or Afghanistan and came back with PTSD

  • This is a factual claim.
  • It is stating the number of veterans who come back with PTSD.
  • The numbers are not able to be disputed.

Hypervigilance sounds innocuous, but it is in fact exhaustingly distressing, a conditioned response to life-threatening situations.

  • This is a causal claim.
  • The claim is able to be seen as a cause and effect.
  • Hypervigilance would be the effect and a life-threating situation would be the cause.  

Caleb has been home since 2006, way more than enough time for Brannan to catch his symptoms.

  • This is a causal claim.
  • In a way, it can be read as having a cause and effect.
  • Caleb being home for a while has allowed for his wife to have similar symptoms which would be the effect.

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