Claims Analysis—Marvel

Hypervigilance sounds innocuous, but it is in fact exhaustingly distressing, a conditioned response to life-threatening situations. 

This is a proposal claim. The author is suggesting that first hypervigilance sounds innocuous, does she mean to everyone, or to her, we don’t really know. Then the author says, “it is in fact exhaustingly distressing,” again, suggesting it is always this way? Using the phrase “in fact” would suggest this is fact when this is the authors opinion.  “a conditioned response to life-threatening situations,” suggests a definition for hypervigilance. Is there no other way that one might exhibit hypervigilance?


Caleb has been home since 2006, way more than enough time for Brannan to catch his symptoms.

This is factual claim followed by a proposal claim. The author is stating when Caleb arrived home. However, “has been home,” could mean home in the united states, or home in his family home. This is unclear. Then makes a suggestive claim that that is plenty of time for his wife to have caught his symptoms. By using the phrase “to catch” she is linking PTSD to a cold or some other contagious disease.

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