PTSD contagious- wildwood

Granted, diagnosing PTSD is a tricky thing.

 -Claiming diagnosing the disease being discussed in the article is not easy and opens the door up to the discussion of mistreatments and how that could affect the patients way of coping with the disease.

“I guess we’re just used to dealing with people with more severe injuries,” a VA nurse once told Brannan upon seeing Caleb.

The nurse makes a blanket claim saying that mental injuries are just something to scoff at and immediately brush off the shoulder, not matter the severity.

Secondary traumatic stress has been documented in the spouses of veterans with PTSD from Vietnam

-Claim does not go into detail about how PTSD was documented or the severity of the disease.

– Does not discuss the backgrounds of the soldiers nor their wives, making assumption that the disorder came from war

Certainly she seems better than some other PTSD vets’ kids Brannan knows, who scream and sob and rock back and forth at the sound of a single loud noise, or who try to commit suicide even before they’re out of middle school

Very strong claim about other children in PTSD ridden families

-Offers no information besides saying children tried to kill themselves

-Do not know the background about these certain kids or how many suffer to this extent

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