PTSD Claims– BeezKneez

Brannan Vines has never been to war.

  • This is a definition claim
  • Brannan Vines’ name in itself is a definition claim, it states who we are talking about
  • The word “never” lets us know that Brannan Vines did not go to war has not been to war. She has not participated in the act of war.
  • “Been” means that Brannan was there at war or during war.
  • “War” is a state of armed conflict between different nations, states, or groups within said states.

But she’s got a warrior’s skills: hyperawareness, hypervigilance, adrenaline-sharp quick-scanning for danger, for triggers.

  • Another definition claim
  • Brannan Vines apparently has the ability of an experienced soldier or fighter.
  • She never went to war though
  • “hyperawareness” means that a person is extremely sensitive to stimuli
  • “Hypervigilance” is the state of being highly or abnormally alert to potential danger or threat
  • How does she supposedly have all these abilities if she never went to war?

Skills on the battlefield, crazy-person behavior in a drug store, where she was recently standing behind a sweet old lady counting out change when she suddenly became so furious her ears literally started ringing.

  • Brannan does not have any true experience on a battle field.
  • This is a false claims for effect
  • I’m not exactly sure what kind of stereotypical image I should for “crazy-person behavior in a drug store”
  • How do crazy people act in the drug store?
  • “Sweet old lady” creates like an instant emotional connection to your own grandmother. To make the scenario of Brannan’s freak out extra exaggerated
  • Brannan’s ears “literally started ringing” these people are trying to claim that Brannan’s ears started ringing like an actual bell or phone or something.


All definitions came from

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