“No problem” is a problem.

It’s probably my age, and if so I’ll ask you to forgive me for taking offense where none is intended, but being told that I haven’t caused a problem when I thank a service-provider for a small consideration sounds rude.

No problem

Not a big problem, to be sure, and I’m certain the phrase is not meant to insult me, but when I expressed my appreciation for service, I was in no way apologizing for having caused undue difficulty.

What I FEEL like saying in response, is, “No. You didn’t cause me a problem either. In fact, I was quite pleased with your service to me. That’s why I thanked you.”

But then, of course, I would begin to BECOME a problem, and I really would be an old crank. I understand this trend toward minimizing the negative is part of a long linguistic history that includes the Spanish “de nada” as a way of rounding-off the thank-you exchange with the assurance that the effort of serving me was minimal.

But still, couldn’t everyone adopt the much more appropriate phrase I always offer and which I much prefer to hear?

My Pleasure


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