My Hypothesis- PeterBomersbach

1.We need education

2. Kids need more education in school

3. The effect of education makes kids in school smarter

4. Kids who concentrate harder on their studies will perform better in school

5. Making school longer and more intuitive will increase the overall number of intelligent kids

6. Making higher education a requirement for future jobs will increase the number of kids that apply themselves to become better

Published by

Peter Bomersbach

I am currently a Nutrition and exercise science major at Rowan University.

One thought on “My Hypothesis- PeterBomersbach”

  1. This is not one hypothesis, PB; it’s several. 3, 4, 5, and 6 are all categorical claims that stand alone and could all be studied. Each one would be worthy of WAY more than 3000 words. Until you make a choice and FURTHER narrow your one hypothesis, you’ll be doomed to producing a very average essay with no hope of achieving a good grade. That may be OK with you, and I don’t object when students uninterested in composition just want to make it through the course. But if you have different aspirations, let me help you focus your attention on a single researchable hypothesis.

    Your response, please.


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