My Hypothesis – muggastackz

  1. Crime rates in the United States
  2. Crime rates decrease and increase
  3. When crime rates decline, crime will also increase over time.
  4. In the United States, there is a decrease in crime rates even as the crime goes up.
  5.  When society plays a key role, crime rates are decreasing and also increasing.
  6. The community and other social outlets affect the decrease in crime rates as well as crime increasing each day.

2 thoughts on “My Hypothesis – muggastackz”

  1. I like the focus of your interest, Muggastackz, but the Hypothesis lacks rigor. It’s still a topic at the end because you haven’t made a specific claim that can be tested. The vagueness of your assertions is preventing you from communicating anything clear to your readers. “increase and decrease” could be said of seasonal temperatures too, but the pattern is predictable within limits; they increase in summer and decrease in winter. Is there a pattern to yours? You hint that there might be one: the amount of crime increases as the published “crime rate” numbers go up? But does one cause the other? Where’s the causal claim? Surely something is responsible for this strange phenomenon. Your answer: “Society plays a key role.” Well. The angle of the earth relative to the sun plays a key role in the predictably rising or falling temperatures. I could measure and report on that angle. What’s “society’s role” in the crime rate disparity? Step 6 should be telling us that.

    Understand? Eliminate the ambiguity of your claims at every stage. The claims you make may (almost certainly will) turn our to be incorrect, but that doesn’t matter. Using your research to challenge those claims is the point of the process. You need claims at the start to focus your study.

    Respond, please. It’s how we make progress.


    1. Sorry for the late response, I was looking more into my topic and how I can fix my thoughts on the topic. I have ideas on what I want to write about on why crime rates go down while crime goes up but I don’t know how to approach them in my hypothesis or my paper.


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