My Hypothesis – ivonid12


  1. The real mvp in sports
  2. The real mvp in the nfl
  3.  why are offensive players usually mvps
  4. why are quarterbacks usually mvps over runningbacks
  5. the case for defensive players and why they almost never win the mvp award
  6. is the mvp actually the most valuable player or do they have the best stats?

3 thoughts on “My Hypothesis – ivonid12”

  1. Couple things here, ivonid.
    1. Punctuation rules are lax for class notes, but for assignments, please start sentences with an initial capital and end questions with question marks. Thank you.
    2. These are good questions.
    3. They don’t develop a single advancing notion in the direction of a clear, direct, bold, testable hypothesis.
    4. They could. They easily could.

    Somewhere in this sequence of ever-more-specific claims you’ll want to say something like, “Although NFL MVP honors almost always go to flashy offensive players, defensive linemen are far more likely to actually be the MOST VALUABLE PLAYERS for their teams.”

    Maybe not that claim, but something like it.
    Your response, please.


  2. *Reply*

    The real “Most Valuable Player” in sports.

    1. The real “Most Valuable Player” in the NFL specifically.
    2. Why Quarterbacks are mostly MVPs, over every other position.
    3. Although defensive players can make a huge impact for teams, usually it isn’t enough to win the MVP award.
    4. The MVP award should always go to the Quarterback or running back, of a successful team, because of how much value they actually bring to a team.


  3. What you’re doing here is arguing your thesis, ivonid. You’re not actually starting from a general topic and narrowing it with qualifications and increasing complexity until you have a manageable, defensible hypothesis.

    But at this juncture in the semester, that consideration no longer matters much. The way is forward now. Let’s work with your best hypothesis and make it even better every week, every assignment.

    1. How many of the last 25 MVP awards have gone to quarterbacks?
    2. When the title was bestowed on other players, what were the criteria or explanations?
    3. What’s “counterintuitive” about the most important position player in all of sports receiving most of the awards for being exactly that . . . the most important position in all of sports?
    4. It would be VERY counterintuitive if a special teams player won the title.
    5. What’s it been in the last 60 years? 40 QBs? 20 Running backs? 2 defensive players?

    If that’s right, is there any difference between the common notion that the quarterback is the most important position and the fact that QBs are most often named most valuable?

    If we consider the phrases “Defense wins football games,” or “The game is won in the trenches,” could you consider the notion that POPULAR OPINION is a load of nonsense, and that the sportswriters who cast their votes for Quarterbacks year after year are just doing so out of fear of ridicule?

    Give some consideration to something a little more unexpected, please. Maybe find a few years when quarterback play was good but not great, when a team won without scoring a lot of points because of outstanding defense. Whatever player was the “captain” of those defenses might make a good case for MVP that year, those years.

    Worth thinking about?
    Please respond.


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