My hypothesis—Wildwood

  1. Executive power
  2. Executive power and the ease of overreach
  3. Overreach and new regulations to maintain checks and  balances
  4. Ways executive power is abused and what constitutes overreach
  5. Ways to emphasize limitations on the privilege and close loopholes
  6. Ways executive power is abused and the pathway for Congress could take to keep better checks and balances on the policy

One thought on “My hypothesis—Wildwood”

  1. I love the ambition of this one, Wildwood, but it’s not a Hypothesis until you phrase it as a clear, direct, bold claim. “Ways in which . . . . ” doesn’t qualify. You’re close. Review the 6 steps and notice at which stage the work begins to be phrased in clauses, then complete sentences, each one a more fully-developed claim. Make your revisions in Edit mode and Update. No need for a second post. This one can just keep improving.


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