Purposeful Summary #1: Go to Trial: Crash the System

It seems counter-intuitive that fighting for your Sixth Amendment right is better than pleading guilty for what seems a lesser sentence. Our judicial system seems rigged because criminals who are charged with minor crimes are recommended to plead guilty and pay a lesser sentence. At first, this seems like a better option since you can suffer a larger sentence when you lose in a trial. But the truth of the matter is that there are other unknown consequences when you choose to plead. After you serve your time in prison/probation, you have to pay your fines and you are known as a felony. Food stamps, financial aid, housing, etc. all get stripped. You practically are in a worse state than you were before. So, instead, criminals should fight for their Sixth Amendment right where they can hold a trial and a lawyer to, not only lessen a sentence, but to reduce consequences that would arrive after your sentence.

Purposeful Summary #2: Happiness Cannot be Pursued; It Must Ensue

It seems counter-intuitive that happiness should be ensued, not pursued. In the American culture, we are ordered to be happy and search for this happiness. But, in reality, happiness is a product of purposefulness. There has to be a reason for you to be happy. You have to find meaning in life in order for the possibility to obtain that happiness to show and through suffering, hardship, and responsibility, you should be able to obtain it.

Purposeful Summary #3: Humane Food Labels?

It seems counter-intuitive that following Humane Food labels are not what they seem to be. Many companies use different labels to confuse the average consumer. Even with a label companies find loopholes to manage their livestock which, uncovered, people would find inhumane. Some companies would perform false advertising. Typically, these are performed by industry-produced quality assurance programs. Independent assurance programs usually have foundations that sprout from programs with the objective to end inhumane treatment of livestock. But, in the end, the best way to find whether a produce is of organic and humane quality is for the consumer to do their research and ask the source about the produce.

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